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Vinter Kort erme Løse ermer Gulvlengde Chiffon Draped kvelds kjole
$ 65.44 USD
Reviews ( 3 )
Parti Natural Midje Kort erme Applikasjoner Elegante Glidelås kvelds kjole
$ 76.35 USD
Blomster Chiffon Elegante Middels Sommer Ryggløse Aftenkjole
$ 117.80 USD
Feie Train V-hals Middels Plissert Natural Midje Enkel Aftenkjole
$ 109.07 USD
Kort erme Ryggløse Avkortet ermer Pære Plissert bodice Bankett Aftenkjole
$ 130.89 USD
Lang Vis / ytelse Plus size A-formet Uten Ermer Natural Midje Aftenkjole
$ 140.69 USD
Natural Midje Formelle Beaded belte Bankett Lang A-formet Aftenkjole
$ 130.87 USD
Uten Ermer Tynne skulderstropper Empire midje Elegante Plissert Chiffon Aftenkjole
$ 98.16 USD
Mid tilbake Brede stropper Gulvlengde Elegante Uten Ermer Middels Aftenkjole
$ 117.80 USD
Timeglass Natural Midje Draped Glidelås Bryllup A-formet Aftenkjole
$ 28.35 USD
Plissert bodice Uten Ermer Glidelås En-skulder Rektangel A-formet Aftenkjole
$ 119.98 USD
Uten Ermer Luksuriøs Bat ermer Lang Parti A-formet Aftenkjole
$ 106.89 USD
Sweetheart Hals Parti Eple Glidelås Natural Midje Chiffon Aftenkjole
$ 143.97 USD
Timeglass Ankel lengde Båthals Mid tilbake Uten Ermer Gnisten Aftenkjole
$ 118.89 USD
Timeglass Plissert Høy dekning Kort erme Plissert bodice Høst Aftenkjole
$ 115.61 USD
Natural Midje Feie Train Chiffon Omvendt Trekant Profilering kvelds kjole
$ 119.98 USD
juvelen bodice Luksuriøs Bankett A-formet Gulvlengde Chiffon Aftenkjole
$ 119.98 USD
Draped Chiffon Empire midje Scoop Hals Ankel lengde Glidelås Aftenkjole
$ 109.07 USD
Omvendt Trekant Glidelås Uten Ermer Havfrue Lace Feie Train Aftenkjole
$ 137.43 USD
Gulvlengde Chiffon Glidelås juvelen bodice Natural Midje Høst Aftenkjole
$ 126.52 USD
Høy dekning Kort erme Draped Chiffon Feie Train Bryllup kvelds kjole
$ 123.25 USD
Juvelen krage Beaded belte Glidelås A-formet Våren Chiffon Aftenkjole
$ 126.52 USD
Tyll Feie Train Juvelen krage Gulvlengde Lace Natural Midje kvelds kjole
$ 135.25 USD
Tyll Uten Ermer Timeglass Våren Bankett A-formet Aftenkjole
$ 131.98 USD
Brukernes Anmeldelser
  1. Vinter Kort erme Løse ermer Gulvlengde Chiffon Draped kvelds kjole

    Love how this dress fits! I did a custom size. I will have to do some alterations as the bust is a bit too big, but it fits perfectly otherwise. The dress was made and shipped faster than I thought it would be. Being a plus sized girl, it was nice that I was able to get this dress made to my size. Dress is for my brother's wedding. The quality of the material is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Would recommend ordering through this site.

    Korrekturleser : ved Alick Anderson Dato : Jun 14, 2024

  2. Vinter Kort erme Løse ermer Gulvlengde Chiffon Draped kvelds kjole

    I've tried on a lot of dresses for my brother's upcoming wedding, all $100+, and couldn't find anything I liked or fit well. I took a risk on this dress after reading the awesome reviews figuring for the price and free returns, nothing to lose. It's the dress I'm choosing for the event! So comfortable and well made and fits well. I'm 5'5, and 160 lbs and the 10 was perfect!

    Korrekturleser : ved Childe Clark Dato : Mar 21, 2024

  3. Vinter Kort erme Løse ermer Gulvlengde Chiffon Draped kvelds kjole

    I was very hesitant but the dress came just as I pictured color and all. Feels well made not cheap like I was afraid.

    Korrekturleser : ved Augustine Graham Dato : Aug 19, 2023

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